unix bsp

Pablo Casado pcasado at absamail.co.za
Mon Aug 2 19:00:37 UTC 2004

Hi Martin,

This one worked for me and I didn't even add the --enable-rtemsbsp=unix. but
I'm just starting out and I have no idea what's going on.

../src/configure --disable-maintainer-mode --disable-multiprocessing --disab
tron --disable-networking --disable-posix --disable-rdbg --disable-cxx --dis
able-tests  --disable-multilib --prefix=$PWD/install 2>&1 | tee

I started by disabling everything. It somehow figured out by itself I wanted
the unix bsp.

Thereafter I still had to edit some of the header files because of compiler
errors and fix some makefiles (commented out tests in the makefile even
though I said --diasble-tests!). I finally got the hello world sample
application working but none of the more interesting examples like creating
tasks. segmentation faults all the time (see what happens when you don't run
the tests). I've given up on the unix bsp and am now heading for one of the

good luck!


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Subject: unix bsp

I am running the 20030703 snapshot with the cygwin tool chain and newlib
4.  I've successfully built for and run on the m68k/mrm332 bsp (although
I had to edit the makefiles - cygwin's make doesn't like the .PRECIOUS
directive).  Now I am trying to build and run for the 'unix' bsp.

There must be a trick to this that is eluding me.  At first it
complained about there being no unix.cfg.  A symlink to Cygwin-posix.cfg
fixed that, but in spite of the presence of a c/src/lib/libbsp/unix
directory, the make fails claiming that no 'unix' bsp exists.

My configure command was
../rtems-ss-20030703/configure --disable-networking
--enable-rtemsbsp=unix -prefix=/opt/rtems-4.6

and the result was:
checking if cpu unix is supported... yes
checking for make/custom/unix.cfg... yes
configure: error: unable to find libbsp directory (unix) for  unix
configure: error: /bin/bash '../../rtems-ss-20030703/c/configure' failed
for c

Any hints or tips for building a cygwin-native unix bsp for doing quick
tests would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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