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Thu Aug 5 14:02:31 UTC 2004


In response to growing interest, there will be an open RTEMS class
in Munich, Germany the first week of October (5 Oct - 8 Oct).  Again,
this is a joint effort of OAR and IMD.  The class is open to any RTEMS

Details on the class are available at


If you are interested in attending, please contact Thomas
Doerfler <Thomas.Doerfler AT imd-systems DOT de> or myself.
I encourage everyone to sign up early.

If you are not in Europe but are interested in an RTEMS class, consider
this class as an option.  If you include a Saturday stay, the airfare
from US cities to Munich is not significantly more than many flights
within the US.  As an added bonus, consider coming early and enjoying
the last few days of Oktoberfest.

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