cygwin configure problem

Smith, Gene gene.smith at
Wed Aug 18 21:47:32 UTC 2004

Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote, On 8/18/2004 1:09 PM:
> The PC I am using today has a fairly recent but not completely current
> Cygwin installation and it exhibits this problem when Norton AntiVirus
> is enabled or disabled.
> If I specify --build=i386-cygwin on the top level configure, I managed
> to get configured but when it finished doing configure as part of make,
> it failed with the build_alias message.

Starting with an empty build-rtems directory, I have to run configure 
twice in cygwin for it to succeed (with no --build parameter). But as 
you state, "make all" then always fails with the build_alias error.

> I can provide the "bash -x" log of a failed configure if anyone
> cares.
> Interestingly, I built a test m68k executable of "main() {}" and
> tried to run it with NAV enabled and it was allowed with no
> NAV messages.
> --joel

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