make problem with cygwin

Martin R. Calsyn martin at
Thu Aug 26 17:07:41 UTC 2004

Ahh - having $(LIB) set could be it.  If you have almost any version of
Microsoft Visual Studio installed, LIB and INCLUDE will be set in global
environment variables and make will pick up those settings.

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On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 17:13, Martin R. Calsyn wrote:
> I ran into this same problem.  The 'multiple targets' error is a bit
> misleading.  I solved the error by removing the .PRECIOUS
> on or immediately before the line indicated (567 in your example
> I encountered this in perhaps six makefiles and each time it was
> by removing a dotted makefile directive.

> I haven't dug deeper into why this is happening - it seems to be an
> incompatibility with the 'make' packaged in cygwin.

>   I haven't submitted
> deltas because I don't have enough confidence that this is a proper
> or just a workaround for cygwin weirdness.
I am pretty sure it is not. Conversely, I am pretty sure it will do

I'd guess, the cause is Dierk having $(LIB) or $(ARCH) set in his
${ARCH}/%.$(OBJEXT): sapi/%.c
        ${COMPILE} -o $@ -c $<
${ARCH}/%.$(OBJEXT): rtems/%.c
        ${COMPILE} -o $@ -c $<


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