Trouble with malloc 4.6.0 in mqueuecreatesupp.c (PR511 problem cause)

Cedric Aubert cedric_aubert at
Thu Feb 12 12:46:07 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I just pass to rtems realease 4.6.0 from 4.6.0-pre4.

In the 4.6.0-pre4 all works fine. I use some posix
mqueue without

I just update the rtems release to final 4.6.0 and now
mqueue doesn't works
at all.

malloc(256) in _POSIX_Message_queue_Create_support
return 0.

This is normal because malloc now forbid allocation in
critical section
(introduce with PR511).

But _POSIX_Message_queue_Create_support disable
dispatch at beginning so
malloc is in critical section.

What is the correct way to correct this mistake ? (Is
not a problem to us to
do a patch)

Thanks a lot

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