unsigned long long working ?

Sergei Organov osv at topconrd.ru
Thu Feb 12 09:35:25 UTC 2004

"Feng, Shuchen" <feng at bnl.gov> writes:
> Dear all,
> Did any one  get 'unsigned long long' to work with
> any  powerpc(64) CPU ?  or any CPU ? I thoght this
> could be O.S. dependent along the gcc compiler.

It does work on 32-bit PowerPC, I'm using 603e, 509, and 565.

One thing that could bite you: gcc tends to use floating-point 64 bit
registers (when compiles with -fhard-float) to move long longs (as well as any
other 64-bit entities) around. This could be a problem in FP-disabled tasks. I
use -fstrict-align switch to gcc that prevents gcc from using FP registers
from moving anything but floats/doubles. This behavior of the switch is
neither documented nor guaranteed, but I don't know any other way to achieve
the desired effect.


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