volatile in struct

Sergei Organov osv at topconrd.ru
Wed Feb 18 14:20:44 UTC 2004

Juergen Zeller <juergen.zeller at argovision.de> writes:
> I think I know the meaning of volatile and this is what you discussed.

Really? There just been lengthy discussion in 'comp.programming.threads'
and 'comp.lang.c++.moderated' newsgroups about what volatile actually means
in C/C++ between rather experienced programmers. I had no intention to repeat
all that here.

> But how can it be that the use of volatile is more faulty than without?

Anything can happen if the code is broken in the first place. Just use RTEMS
mutual exclusion primitives correctly and it will work fine no matter if
volatile is present or not.


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