RTEMS and WEB services

Cedric Aubert cedric_aubert at yahoo.fr
Fri Feb 20 07:56:49 UTC 2004


As I can say, I don't see any impossibility here.

See : http://www.rtems.com/features.html

RTEMS support pppd to connect to your ISP. But I never
use it
if someone can give more information like server or
client side.
But you should can connect to your ISP.

RTEMS support have a stack TCP/IP (FreeBSD Port) so no
problem to
send and receive TCP/IP packet trought the potential
ppp connection.

But to received HTTP packet you should have an
application to do that.
A webbrowser or may be your application receive this
packet ?????
RTEMS is only provided with a HTTP Server (httpd).

But it still have some works about this look at :


Hope that help


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> Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2004 4:52 PM
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> Subject: RTEMS and WEB services
> Hi to all,
> sorry for my ignorance about but I would to ask you
> RTEMS 4.6.0 (hitachi SH/Motorola Coldfile) could be
> connected to a WEB provider with a modem and then
> access to HTTP protocol/services.
> I've a target board and a cable Modem (56K) and I
would to
> connect this target to WEB how client and so recover
> HTML contents of a my web page
> Thank you for your instructions about
> - [ ]Yes, is possible
> - [ ] No, isn't possible
> - This is the NET layers (protocols required) ......
IP, xxx, yyy, yyy
> - This is a draft image of the project .......
> I've only to present a draft project so I need
> simple and short instructions about that
> thank you very much
> Silverio DIquigiovanni

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