mbar and bus error (was: some newbie questions)

sebastian ssmoller sebastian.ssmoller at
Mon Feb 23 12:22:10 UTC 2004

during the last days i tried to access MBAR on my board (68360/040).
without any success. even read access causes a bus error :(

i reread the doc of my board and the quicc (6.8, 9.2, 4.4.3, 6.9.1, aso)
and i guess the initialisation sequence i use  is correct. 

i also downloaded the linux kernel (2.6.3) and had a look at the init
sequence used there - it is more or less the same.

i googled around for some hours - the sample code/doc i found uses the same
init seq as rtems/linux/my test prog.

i wrote simple asm prog to isolate the problematic code - no success.

thats the code:

    movel #0,dptr     /* my debug var to see where the prog hangs */
    movel #0,dptr+4
    movel #0,dptr+8

    /* SSP */
    oriw   #0x3000,sr          | Switch to Master Stack Pointer
   oriw    #0x2700,sr   
   movea.l   #stack_init,sp
    move.l  #stack_init,a7

    addql #1,dptr

    /* VBR */
    lea       int_vec_tab,a0       | Get base of vector table
    movec   a0,vbr             | Set up the VBR

    addql #1,dptr

    /* pre MBAR work */
    movec   dfc,d1             | Save destination register

    moveq   #7,d0             | CPU-space funcction code
    movec   d0,dfc             | Set destination function code register
    movec   d0,sfc             | Set source function code register

    addql #1,dptr

    lea    0x3ff04,a0           
    movel   #0xfffffffe,0x3FF08   | Set MBARE (keyed write)

    move.l 0x3ff08,dptr+4

    addql #1,dptr

    /* get MBAR */
    moves.l (a0), d0
    move.l d0,dptr+8

    addql #1,dptr

    /* set MBAR */
    move.l    #m360+0x101,d0 
    move.l    #0xffc00000,d0 
    move.l    #0xffc00000,d0 
    ori.l   #0x00000101,d0
    moves.l d0,(a0)             | set MBAR

    addql #1,dptr

    /* post MBAR work */
    movec   d1,dfc             | Restore destination register

    /* removed the rest here (e.g. interrupt table (copied from rtems))*/

i havnt any further ideas what the problem could be.

anyone any hint/info/... ?


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