mbar and bus error (was: some newbie questions)

sebastian ssmoller sebastian.ssmoller at
Mon Feb 23 16:20:05 UTC 2004

i got it !!! ;-) ... hello world is running on my board :)

it finally worked (somehow) cause i uncommented some initialisation code of

1. cause i was not able to write mbar i just left that step out and used
the linker script to map the m360 struct to the correct memory addr.

2. next problem was the gmr initialisation (memc, br, or code in
init68360.c). when i reached that code the board hang again. i played
around with the configs a while but finally i just commented it out
(memc[0] and memc[1]).

3. now i reached the main function and so the Init funct of hello.exe. this
time the prog printed some chars to the console but these were unreadable.
i tried to set the baud-rate to 38400 but it didnt work. so i just
commented the brgc1 reset and init code out (console.c: "Set up BRG1 (9,600

4. et voila :) i got my hello world ...

it is still unclear to my why the three steps where necessary - i guess
the rtems code matches the spec and so it should work ...


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