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C Boughton cjbcvb17 at
Thu Jan 1 05:11:09 UTC 2004


I am new to rtems and the rtems-users-list and (unfortunately) I am 
somewhat confused.  My first source of confusion lis with how I can get 
the GNAT-RTEMS operable.  Using the "Getting  Started with GNAT/RTEMS 
Guide (30 August 2003), in section 3.2 there is an out-of-date list of 
all the pieces and their locations.  Most of the (new) stuff is 
available but I cannot find certain files or directories.  For example 
the directory /pub/rtems/releases/4.5.1/ada_tools/source at the site does not exist let alone anything for the latest 
4.6.0pre5 release.  making assumptions about possible changes to the 
exact location of some of the files and scripts, one can find all the 
"diff" type files but I cannot find any script files as named - e.g., 
c_build_scripts-4.5.1.tgz.  So, I sight inconsistencies in files and 
their locations wrt past releases which seem unresolvable without some 
help.  As to the current (4.6.0pre5) release, it seems there is no 
official list(s) and I am therefore not sure whether whatever I decide 
to do is likely to be correct or not.

Using the rtems download helper from the website at first looks to be a 
good choice - but I am not sure that it is!  The downloaded source and 
binaries is still largely inconsistent with what's in the "Getting 
Started Guide".  I'm wanting to load the GNAT RTEMS stuff onto RedHat 
9.0, so the obvious choice seems to be to go for the "RPMS" and install 
them.  However, I can't find anything to tell me the order of 
installation.  Should I follow (largely) the instructions for RPM 
installation from the Getting Started Guide for C/C++ Users and judge 
the order for GNAT RTEMS based on that information?  The C/C++ guide 
does clearly indicate an order, so I am a little hesitant to simply 
charge off and make (good) guesses about the order for the GNAT RTEMS 

Can anyone please help, or at least point me to the correct (less 
confusing) information on how to install the GNAT RTEMS.

A further question:  Will the GNAT version of RTEMS work with GNAT 
3.15?  I have the native version of GNAT 3.15 already installed and 
working, so it would be nice to only have to install the RTEMS for GNAT 
in order to obtain the X-Compiler capability.

I'd really like to get everything together pretty soon, as I am hoping 
to be able to use RTEMS within a Software Engineering Masters course on 
embedded systems.  So, any help will be much appreciated!


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