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Paul Cadaret rtems at
Thu Jan 1 19:38:20 UTC 2004

This is not a direct answer, but I hope that it will be of some help.  I 
am new to RTEMS also.
I had a similar problem getting the C++ toolcahin (gcc/g++) to compile. 
 My take on the situation is that the FTP site
was updated, files and directories were moved around, and now the 
documentation needs to catch up with the changes.

Take a look at my recent posts.   I was ultimately pointed to an 
alternate location to download the base gcc and diffs
and I was ultimately able to build the entire m68k-rtems-gcc toolchain, 
RTEMS, and the BSP I was interested in.

Hope this helps.
C Boughton wrote:

> Anyone,
> I am new to rtems and the rtems-users-list and (unfortunately) I am 
> somewhat confused.  My first source of confusion lis with how I can 
> get the GNAT-RTEMS operable.  Using the "Getting  Started with 
> GNAT/RTEMS Guide (30 August 2003), in section 3.2 there is an 
> out-of-date list of all the pieces and their locations.  Most of the 
> (new) stuff is available but I cannot find certain files or 
> directories.  For example the directory 
> /pub/rtems/releases/4.5.1/ada_tools/source at the site 
> does not exist let alone anything for the latest 4.6.0pre5 release.  
> making assumptions about possible changes to the exact location of 
> some of the files and scripts, one can find all the "diff" type files 
> but I cannot find any script files as named - e.g., 
> c_build_scripts-4.5.1.tgz.  So, I sight inconsistencies in files and 
> their locations wrt past releases which seem unresolvable without some 
> help.  As to the current (4.6.0pre5) release, it seems there is no 
> official list(s) and I am therefore not sure whether whatever I decide 
> to do is likely to be correct or not.
> Using the rtems download helper from the website at first looks to be 
> a good choice - but I am not sure that it is!  The downloaded source 
> and binaries is still largely inconsistent with what's in the "Getting 
> Started Guide".  I'm wanting to load the GNAT RTEMS stuff onto RedHat 
> 9.0, so the obvious choice seems to be to go for the "RPMS" and 
> install them.  However, I can't find anything to tell me the order of 
> installation.  Should I follow (largely) the instructions for RPM 
> installation from the Getting Started Guide for C/C++ Users and judge 
> the order for GNAT RTEMS based on that information?  The C/C++ guide 
> does clearly indicate an order, so I am a little hesitant to simply 
> charge off and make (good) guesses about the order for the GNAT RTEMS 
> Can anyone please help, or at least point me to the correct (less 
> confusing) information on how to install the GNAT RTEMS.
> A further question:  Will the GNAT version of RTEMS work with GNAT 
> 3.15?  I have the native version of GNAT 3.15 already installed and 
> working, so it would be nice to only have to install the RTEMS for 
> GNAT in order to obtain the X-Compiler capability.
> I'd really like to get everything together pretty soon, as I am hoping 
> to be able to use RTEMS within a Software Engineering Masters course 
> on embedded systems.  So, any help will be much appreciated!
> Clive.
> Carol and Clive Boughton
> 17 Miller Street
> O'CONNOR  ACT 2602
> Australia
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