Fw: RTEMS - Image Loading problem for MIPS thru MAJIC

mansoor mansoor at isofttech.com
Sun Jan 4 11:06:06 UTC 2004

  I built the RTEMS hello.exe using the mips-rtems toolchain. Iam using
  rtems-4.6.0pre5 source configured
  for our board (MIPS lx4189 r3000 based core).
  Iam using EPI MAJIC to load the image the to the target.
 When I tried downloading the hello.exe image to the target, MAJIC
 continuosly throws
 the following errors.
  ERROR, input record not processed:
  STAB 21 LSYM 00000000 0 "complex float:t18=R3;8;0;"
  ERROR, input record not processed:
  STAB 22 LSYM 00000000 0 "complex double:t19=R4;16;0;"
  ERROR, input record not processed:
  STAB 23 LSYM 00000000 0 "complex long double:t20=R4;16;0;"
 I started my porting work with the jmr3904 BSP as base and iam using the
 same rules for my target.
 Also, for the same board we have ported linux using mips-linux toolchain
 (gcc 2.95.3 as base).
  Iam successfull in loading linux image thru EPI  MAJIC.
  What could be the problem ???.

>  Thanx in advance
>  Mansoor Ahamed Basheer

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