Hi Angelo Fraietta, one little question, please...

Angelo Fraietta afraiett at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jan 16 02:10:40 UTC 2004

Alex wrote:

>Hi Angelo, 
>I hope not be boring you with my innocent questions...
>You are a intel version RTEMS expert aren´t you?
I would not say expert.

>Please give me some advice:
>I am finishing graduating myself... now I have to present some work as a graduate final work in the computer science area... 
>I would like to make some tests (stressing or robustness, or real time constraints) agains a free ope-source operating system/executive.
>Do you know if anysome of this kind of work is already done by someone?
>BEcause, if some already did that I have to change the subject of my work... :-(
>I would like to use RTEMS to do this work. 
>Do you know if there is something to do in this area?
>Any advices? Any subjects for my work?
Post it to the group. There have been some tests and comparisons done.

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