Fedora Core Linux and BDM Tools

Derick Hammond derick at perkinstechnologies.com.au
Fri Jan 23 05:10:29 UTC 2004

Hello All:

I know that this is probably not the appropriate list to ask this question, 
but I know there are a lot of people that use the m68k/Coldfire BDM device 
driver on this list.

I have recently upgraded my Linux distribution to Fedora Core and have now 
found that my Coldfire BDM debugger no longer works. Even after recompiling 
and installing the BDM device driver.

I had been using the gdb-bdm-20020210 version of this, but noticed that 
there seemed to be a newer version on the sourceforge bdm project site, 
bdm-gdb-20030717.  So I downloaded this one as well.

I have compiled both and tried to use ./chk /dev/bdmcf0 without success.

But I get the following error:

cf_pe_read_sysreg - Reg:0xf failed with cmd 0x2d80, err = 217

If anyone has solved this problem on a similar system I would like to hear 
their solution.

Thanks in advance.

Derick Hammond

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