Correction to "PIT initializing in MPC860"

Leon Pollak leonp at
Sun Jan 25 09:21:23 UTC 2004

	First of all - a lot of thanks for the discussion.
	Next, as always, I missed the most important point that is the main obstacle 
for me and was the cause of the question:
	The file I mentioned in my first mail resides in 
	which seems to be not BSP specific file. And this was the cause of my 
question: as the PIT value is calculated in this "common" place, it must be 
general. Therefore, I though that I do not understand something.
	Now, from the discussion (and my own thoughts) I see two ways to solve the 

1. Try to adapt the code in place.

	Till now, the expression to calculate  the PIT value, which worked for me 
correctly in several projects was:

    PIT_Value = (CfgTableRTEMS.microseconds_per_tick / PLL_FACTOR *
                CfgTableCPU.clicks_per_usec) / 4 - 1 ;

Thus, in my case, microseconds_per_tick = 10000, clicks_per_usec = 25, 

The PLL_FACTOR value may be read from the PLPRCR register.

2. Simply define some configuration constant, let's say PIT_VALUE and assign 
it to this register.

I personally prefer the second solution, but what do the people think?

Leon M.Pollak
leonp at plris dot com

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