Is the "or32" target still supported?

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Sun Jan 4 17:23:52 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 20:48, Paul Cadaret wrote:
> Hello,
> The web page    says that the 'or32' 
> target is supported.
I don't know if the or32 has ever worked for anybody, nor if it has ever
built for anybody.

But I know, that the or32 is on a top ranking place to be abandoned and
removed for RTEMS-4.7, unless the general or32 situation changes
basically soon (If I had to decide, it already would be gone).

>     If you have knowledge of the processors used in the above ports and
>     want to contribute to RTEMS, please contact a member of the RTEMS
>     Steering Committee.
> I wasn't sure what to make of this.
AFAICT, the or32 status is as follows:
1. or32 support is part of binutils >= 2.14
2. The open cores folks have not contributed their gcc port to the FSF
gcc and had been using a modified gcc instead.
3. The or32 port in RTEMS is an adaptation the code the OpenCore folks
had on their web site.

I don't know if the OpenCores project is alive anymore.
Fact is, there had not been any RTEMS/OpenCores activities for years,
nor did the OpenCores folks contribute their gcc code to the official

> I had already applied all the diffs to these source files and had run 
> configure and built them successfully for
> the m68k-rtems target.   I then decided to try to just build for an 
> 'or32-rtems' target to see what would happen.
It won't work. You'd have to use the gcc version from the opencores's
website for or32-targets, because or32-support is not part of the

> I can definitely use some guidance here.  
> I would like to know if there are any OR32 specific build instructions.
First of all, you probably should try to clarify if the opencores
project is still alive at all.
If you're seriously interested in it, you then should either try to
merge their patches to gcc into the RTEMS gcc-sources or to add the
RTEMS specific patches to gcc into their gcc-sources.

If opencores should be dead, and/or if you (or an other OpenCores
person) are not interested enough to improve the or32/RTEMS/GCC
integration,  I'd prefer to let the or32 support in RTEMS die, ASAP.


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