Is the "or32" target still supported?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Jan 5 15:26:30 UTC 2004

I apologize to Ralf for cutting his reply down to this but he
managed to sum it up pretty nicely.  The OR32 port was done by
someone from the OpenCores project.  The RTEMS toolsets try to
be very close to pure FSF releases and so we avoid adding large
patchsets that are target CPU specific.

It would be nice to know the official status of this CPU from
the "vendor".  If it is a dead project, I would just as soon
kill it also.  If the CPU is alive, then it needs to play
nicely by the free software rules and then RTEMS tools will
just happen.


Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> AFAICT, the or32 status is as follows:
> 1. or32 support is part of binutils >= 2.14
> 2. The open cores folks have not contributed their gcc port to the FSF
> gcc and had been using a modified gcc instead.
> 3. The or32 port in RTEMS is an adaptation the code the OpenCore folks
> had on their web site.
> I don't know if the OpenCores project is alive anymore.
> Fact is, there had not been any RTEMS/OpenCores activities for years,
> nor did the OpenCores folks contribute their gcc code to the official


> First of all, you probably should try to clarify if the opencores
> project is still alive at all.
> If you're seriously interested in it, you then should either try to
> merge their patches to gcc into the RTEMS gcc-sources or to add the
> RTEMS specific patches to gcc into their gcc-sources.
> If opencores should be dead, and/or if you (or an other OpenCores
> person) are not interested enough to improve the or32/RTEMS/GCC
> integration,  I'd prefer to let the or32 support in RTEMS die, ASAP.
> Ralf

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