Is the "or32" target still supported?

Paul Cadaret rtems at
Mon Jan 5 18:56:19 UTC 2004

My investigation thus far indicates that the OpenCores project certainly 
doesn't appear to be dead.
However, as far as RTEMS support goes I am getting a number of leads in 
different directions.
I do sense from their web site that much of their effort now is directed 
towards uClinux.  

Here's a recent post that looks promising response I received:

Hey !

or32-rtems is not maintaned daily since you could build RTEMS with
or32-uclinux toolchain.


This is the direction I'll investigate next.
I'll let you know what I find out about building RTEMS for the or32 core.
Thanks for responding.
Joel Sherrill wrote:

> I apologize to Ralf for cutting his reply down to this but he
> managed to sum it up pretty nicely.  The OR32 port was done by
> someone from the OpenCores project.  The RTEMS toolsets try to
> be very close to pure FSF releases and so we avoid adding large
> patchsets that are target CPU specific.
> It would be nice to know the official status of this CPU from
> the "vendor".  If it is a dead project, I would just as soon
> kill it also.  If the CPU is alive, then it needs to play
> nicely by the free software rules and then RTEMS tools will
> just happen.
> --joel
> Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>> AFAICT, the or32 status is as follows:
>> 1. or32 support is part of binutils >= 2.14
>> 2. The open cores folks have not contributed their gcc port to the FSF
>> gcc and had been using a modified gcc instead.
>> 3. The or32 port in RTEMS is an adaptation the code the OpenCore folks
>> had on their web site.
>> I don't know if the OpenCores project is alive anymore.
>> Fact is, there had not been any RTEMS/OpenCores activities for years,
>> nor did the OpenCores folks contribute their gcc code to the official
> ....
>> First of all, you probably should try to clarify if the opencores
>> project is still alive at all.
>> If you're seriously interested in it, you then should either try to
>> merge their patches to gcc into the RTEMS gcc-sources or to add the
>> RTEMS specific patches to gcc into their gcc-sources.
>> If opencores should be dead, and/or if you (or an other OpenCores
>> person) are not interested enough to improve the or32/RTEMS/GCC
>> integration,  I'd prefer to let the or32 support in RTEMS die, ASAP.
>> Ralf

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