HELP: RTEMS tests and comparisons??? [again...]

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Thu Jan 22 23:38:47 UTC 2004

Alex wrote:
> Thanks to Till Straumann, he already answer me...
> Anyone else knows about existing tests and comparisons using RTEMS?
> Last Email:
> Hi all,
> I am finishing graduating myself... 
> Now I have to do some work as a graduate final work in the 
> computer science area.
> I would like to make some tests (stressing/robustness, or real time constraints) 
> against a free open-source operating system/executive.
> I am thinking to use RTEMS executive...
> Anyone knows if there are already some works in this kind done?
> Because I will try to do something not done before or extend some
> work already done, but I cant find nothing...

You are just missing them. The tests included in RTEMS have this

The sptests were designed to do near 100% coverage on the Classic API
and score portions of RTEMS.

The psxtests are designed to do the same for the cpukit/posix, much of
the file system call interface in cpukit/libcsupport, and the IMFS.

The itrontests are designed to do the same for the ITRON API.

Others have run other 3rd party tests on them like NASA Goddard
and some pthread tests.

What is missing in all this is automated coverage analysis. An open
project is to setup gcov for some embedded target (hopefully a
simulator with a BSP) and run it for these tests. That way we
would have an accurage coverage report and could keep the test
coverage near 100% as it was intended.

During test development, we used source listings, the debugger,
and a high-lighter to mark lines as we single-stepped through them.
This is why automating this coverage analysis is important.

> In the RTEMS web page there are a project "More RTEMS API timing" I think
> waitting for a volunteer, but is there something done in this area.

The timing tests for the Classic API are pretty thorough but
timing tests for the POSIX and ITRON APIs are barely there.
This is all that is meant by this request.

> I already saw in the instalation tree of the RTMES some samples but
> I thing those sampes are simple samples aren't they?

Look in the source tree and see what is under c/src/tests.  They
are enabled when you configure with --enable-tests

> Some advices? Some subjects?
> Thanks in advance...
> Alex

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