Embedded WebBrowser

Dieter Schaefer Dieter.B.Schaefer at t-online.de
Tue Jan 27 21:47:01 UTC 2004

> There is this http://www.pixil.org/products.php although
> you need to check the licensing.
> http://rainbow.cs.unipi.gr/linux-8086-list/1999/11/0552.html
> mentions a port of gtkhmtl to Microwindows.
> There was an effort a while back to get an embedded version
> of Mozilla.
Thank's for the info. I'll check it. 
> Could you update the instructions on using MicroWindows?
> The contrib directory needs to be refreshed.  For 4.6.0, all
> I could put in was a zip of Rosimildo's old site.
I'll try. Probably not before end of february. This is because of 
the fair in Nuernberg - Embedded World. 
And, on the other side don't expect too much ... i.e. kind of a 
general procedure for using MicroWindows with RTEMS. 
Just for information what I did ... 
I started with version 0.90. It is really general purpose and contains 
all kind of various configurations as well as some 'historical' things. 
Some of those appear (at least to me) to be broken. So I removed 
everything not needed (for me) and tailored it to the particular 
configuration I have. 
MPC823e, NEC TFT Color Display, Keyboard + Serial Mouse on 
SMC1/SMC2, optional using a Touchpanel instead of keyboard 
and mouse. 
If someone has a similar configuration, we could exchange technical 
information and source of course. However it wouldn't help people 
working with X86 architectures and a VGA card. 

Dieter Schaefer 

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