RTC bsp trouble.

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Jan 29 15:59:34 UTC 2004

Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello.
> 	I don't know what CPU and board do you use. The problem I saw with RTC in 
> MPC860 was that RTC has 1 sec resolution, while RTEMS has theoretically 
> unlimited resolution and is used also for system scheduling. I should say 
> that TOD in RTEMS is more "buy product" rather then real target...:-))

The TOD routines Cedirc is referring to attempt to synchronize
RTEMS internal TOD to that in an RTC.

You are right that the internal TOD is strictly an internal
counter that is updated.

I will try to read the thread more fully and see if I can spot
where Cedric's linker issue it.


> On Thursday 29 January 2004 16:30, Cedric Aubert wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I try to had a rtc driver into my bsp, and I have some
>>trouble with it.
>>First question, I understood that RTEMS only use the
>>clock ticks to do it's
>>it doesn't use the rtc at all. Am I right ?
>>In fact in need to use (in my application) the
>>fucntion setRealTimeToRTEMS()
>>setRealTimeFromRTEMS() from my rtc driver to
>>synchronise RTEMS tod and RTC
>>Am I right?
>>In fact I use the generic rtc driver with
>>provided in libbsp/shared. I make a tod directory, had
>>it to configure, bsp
>>and wrapup makefile.
>>Now my trouble is in my application compilation, I
>>can't link with
>>and setRealTimeFromRTEMS() and rtc_initialize
>>(undefined symbol) , in fact
>>all function in the generic rtc
>>driver provide in libbsp/shared/tod.c
>>Did I make some mistake or miss something ?
>>Or should am I wrong by using this function in my
>>application ?
>>Thanks a lot
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