RTEMS dyanmic RAM consumption

Etienne Fortin etienne.fortin at sensio.tv
Mon Jul 5 13:21:35 UTC 2004

That question has been, I'm sure, asked a millions times. But I ask it

I'm working with a Motorola MCF5282 with 512 KB flash memory. So, code
size is really not a problem. BUT, dynamic RAM is since I "only" have 64
KB of RAM. Last night I was in bed slowly entering sleep when it hit me:
How much RAM does the TCP/IP stack takes? I didn't take into account how
this stack works, how it handle packets and how much RAM it needs for
its buffers! That's pretty stupid not taking that into account but,
anyway, I didn't...

Question: How much dynamic RAM do I need for
1) RTEMS (termsio, ethernet, clock, etc...)
2) TCP/IP stack

I'm afraid 64 KB may be short for all this. Is my impression correct?
Should I add some SDRAM to the system in case 64 KB is too small?


Etienne Fortin

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