More on MCF5307C3 - NE2000 network driver

Chris Xenophontos cxenophontos at
Wed Jul 7 13:55:43 UTC 2004


A few weeks ago, we had successfully (for the most part) integrated the
NE2000 driver to the Coldfire MCF5307C3 Board Support package.  We are able
to send/receive application data through the network to our board.  However,
it appears that the either the receive or transmit daemon in ns8390.c quits
after varying lengths of time.  When that happens, ping times-out, and of
course, no data is received/sent to the network.  No other error messages
are generated ( i.e, overflow, mbuf, ).

We have tried hard-coding values for mbuf and mbuf clusters in
rtems_bsdnet_config, using values up to 256K for mbufs, and 512K for mbuf
CONFIGURE_LIBIO_MAXIMUM_FILE_DESCRIPTORS is currently set to 30.  Increasing
it to 40 doesn’t help.  NETWORK_TASK_PRIORITY is 80, and the priority of our
application task that reads (blocks) on the socket is 220.

Simply stopping and restarting the application, i.e, through the debugger
will re-initialize the entire application, but the network remains
unresponsive.  To get the network application to respond again, we need to
do a hard reset of the board.

Is there some configuration parameter that I’m missing?

Chris Xenophontos
cxenophontos at

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