UDP error

Angelo Fraietta afraiett at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jul 8 06:45:43 UTC 2004

I have been sometimes getting an error 105 when sending to the udp. The 
function in the library is

static  bool sendudp(const struct sockaddr *sp, int sockfd,int length, 
int count, void  *b)
   int rcount;
   if((rcount=sendto(sockfd, b, count, 0, sp, length)) != count)
     printf("sockfd %d count %d rcount %dlength %d errno %d\n",
             sockfd,count,rcount,length, errno);
     return FALSE;
   return TRUE;

I get the return message
sockfd 3 count 20 recount -1 length 16 errno 105

Does anyone know what errno 105 is?
Angelo Fraietta

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Hamilton NSW 2303

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