Debugging with RTEMS

Anthony Tonizzo atonizzo at
Thu Jul 22 14:25:06 UTC 2004


I am fairly new to RTEMS, and I have been struggling with
debug issues of late.

I am developing on two different BSPs: a "pc686" and a PowerPC
based "mbx860_002" and both of them boot with a loader program
(RedBoot as it happens). RedBoot has built-in GDB stubs for both
Ethernet and serial port, and so I should be able to point the
ddd debugger to it and debug with the known, time tested commands:

target remote /dev/ttyS0
break somewhere

I have compiled the hello_world_c for both platforms (with
the -g switch) and started ddd using the powerpc-rtems-gdb and 
what I see is that after the "continue" command everything freezes 
and my breakpoint (right at the beginning of the Init() function) 
never seems to be hit. I have to kill ddd and hard reset the target.

So my question is how can I debug applications in RTEMS using
gdb, insight, ddd etc. with the help of the gdb stubs that are
already in place in my target? Is there something I need to do?
Am I missing a step?

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