Executive shutdown

Stevens Brian BPSTEVENS at qinetiq.com
Fri Jul 2 08:47:38 UTC 2004

I have added a counter and it indicates that the task receives approx 280
signals before failing.

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Stevens Brian wrote:

>RTEMS version 4.6
>Target PC386
>I have written a device driver to use the rtc to generate timer interrupts
>independent of the clock used to drive rtems. I have set  the additional
>timer to produce interupts at 122micro second intervals, these are then
>counted and when the required time interval has elapsed a POSIX signal is
>sent to a thread.
>If I set the signal to be sent every  2 miliseconds the system eventually
>crashes with an executive shutdown. However, if set to 20ms it works fine.
After how long does it crash? Do you get a message saying that it shust down

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