Executive shutdown

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Thank you for your reply,

As part of my studies I am looking at the reuse of an application that was
crafted directly to a processor and looking at how it could be moved to a
more modern platform. Because of the close coupling possible it usd a 2ms
interrupt to drive it.

I have already found that a different processor/OS combintaion couldnot
cope, the singals generated from the interrupt were being missed by the
application because it could not keep up.

Is there any way to put a trace in to check for stack overflow? and how easy
is it to increase the stack ?

Thank You

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> Stevens Brian wrote:
> > I have added a counter and it indicates that the task receives approx
> > signals before failing.
> Is this a clean exit/shutdown, fatal error, or just a random fault?
> FWIW the POSIX signals were designed to be safe to be sent from
> interrupts but their complexity has always made me suspicious of
> doing so.  At your signal rate, you could be overflowing a task
> stack.  Each signal is going to push deeper and deeper onto the
> interrupted thread's stack.
> --joel
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> > Stevens Brian wrote:
> >
> >
> >>RTEMS version 4.6
> >>Target PC386
> >>
> >>I have written a device driver to use the rtc to generate timer
> >>independent of the clock used to drive rtems. I have set  the additional
> >>timer to produce interupts at 122micro second intervals, these are then
> >>counted and when the required time interval has elapsed a POSIX signal
> >>sent to a thread.
> >>
> >>If I set the signal to be sent every  2 miliseconds the system
> >>crashes with an executive shutdown. However, if set to 20ms it works
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> > After how long does it crash? Do you get a message saying that it shust
> >
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