how to make a bootable RTEMS for pc686

Alireza Mahdian a_mahdian at
Sun Jul 4 15:16:57 UTC 2004

thanks a lot but can you tell me how to make this boot
image from what i have built. there is also a bin2boot
tool in build-tools directory does it help in anyway?.

--- Jack Cawkwell <J.Cawkwell at> wrote:
> Hi Alireza,
> I am still an RTEMS novice, but I have put the
> bootable image in /boot under the linux filesystem,
> and then booted it from grub or lilo in the same
> way as the linux image.
> For boot testing purposes there is a bootable
> image available for RTEMS/Picotk, which you could
> try booting first. (
> Jack
> Alireza Mahdian <a_mahdian at> writes:
> >dear all
> >
> >i am new to rtems. actually i leanrned about it
> just
> >two days ago. i've managed to build it for a i386
> >target cpu and for pc686 bsp . i did that under
> redhat
> >linux 8.0 . it seems like the RTEMS is built and
> >installed but i don't know the exact place of the
> OS.

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