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Thu Jul 22 12:28:35 UTC 2004

Doing my homeworks... It seems a little rude, I don't want anyone to do
my homework, I can do them myself. I just want to hear from the
experiences of others...

The problem is the memory consumption of RTEMS have a DIRECT impact on
our board design, obviously. And knowing, from the experience of others,
what has been already done in terms of small memory footprint can decide
if yes or no we can go on with RTEMS or if we need to scale back our
software design... And to do that by myself, I need to code, I need
time, I need to try various configurations. I'll do that, but I also
want to know what others did and in what circumstances. I need to know
what level of space optimisation has been already done by others. If it
becomes obvious that I work in an already lost cause, I'll stop. If
someone say "well, we did that, and that, and that in 45k of RAM", well,
I'll know it's worth a try...

Now, back to my homeworks :)

Etienne Fortin

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On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 05:30:08PM -0400, Etienne Fortin wrote:
> On the MCF5282, I have 64KB of SRAM.
> - I have 1024 bytes for the vector table, this gives 63 KB.
> - There's about 10 KB for .data and .bss, a quick guess. We have 53
> - I need basically about 32 KB for the heap, this gives 21 KB for the
> Workspace.
> Is it enough???? It HAS to be enough!!! If not, where is the biggest 
> memory overhead in what I want?

have you tried it?

is it enough?

what numbers come from sptests/spsize?

what does m68k-rtems-size tell you?

nobody's going to do your homework for you.

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