Problem with ATA driver on pc386

Eugene Denisov dea at
Fri Jul 2 10:44:47 UTC 2004

Hello Angelo,

Friday, July 2, 2004, 9:48:59 AM, you wrote:

AF> Eugene Denisov wrote:

>>Hello all.
>>I trying to use ATA driver in RTEMS 4.6.0pre5 on pc386 target, this is the
>>driver table I used to:
>>rtems_driver_address_table Device_drivers[] =
>>        {
>>#if 1
>>        };
>>Unfortunately system hungs up when I enabling ATA driver.
>>Does anyone succesfully use ATA driver for this RTEMS build?
AF> Did you get this sorted. I am having the same problem here, but only
AF> with the new PC104 module that I have. 4.6.0pre5 works with the IDE on
AF> my DIMMPC but not the PC104. Same as you, if I enable the ATA, the
AF> system hangs.

Yes  I  did,  however  I think my problem was not similar to yours. I
found the cause in multiple file systems on my hdd and GRUB installed in MBR.

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