Problem with ATA driver on pc386

Angelo Fraietta afraiett at
Sun Jul 4 04:35:21 UTC 2004

Greetings Eugene

>>>Unfortunately system hungs up when I enabling ATA driver.
>AF> Did you get this sorted. I am having the same problem here, but only
>AF> with the new PC104 module that I have. 4.6.0pre5 works with the IDE on
>AF> my DIMMPC but not the PC104. Same as you, if I enable the ATA, the
>AF> system hangs.
>Yes  I  did,  however  I think my problem was not similar to yours. I
>found the cause in multiple file systems on my hdd and GRUB installed in MBR.
This is probably not as dissimilar as you suspect. This made me do some 
more tests and have identified where the problem may lie.
What I did not mention is that my PC104 system does not have any drives 
plugged into the primary IDE -- the compact flash is the secondary master.

If on my DIMMPC, I disable the onboard IDE (i.e. no hard drive), the 
system hangs at the same place - ATA_DRIVER_TABLE_ENTRY

What I suspect is happening is that the absence of a drive in the 
Primary IDE cause the initialisation to hang. I don't have a drive that 
I can plug into the primary IDE of the PC104 to prove this. I'll try and 
get my hands on one to substantiate my theory.

Angelo Fraietta

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