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Steve Strobel steve at link-comm.com
Thu Jun 3 21:28:23 UTC 2004

My co-workers and I are trying to get file uploading working with the GoAhead web server in RTEMS.  We are using RTEMS V4.6.0pre5, which includes V2.13 of GoAhead.  Unfortunately, file uploading wasn't added to GoAhead until V2.14 (as a user-submitted patch) and made part of the standard GoAhead distribution until V2.15.  Unless I am mistaken, even the latest versions of RTEMS still have V2.13 of GoAhead.

One of my co-workers backported the user-submitted file upload patch from GoAhead V2.14 to the customized version of V2.13 that is distributed with RTEMS V4.6.0pre5 (the standard distribution of GoAhead doesn't include the RTEMS patches).  We can connect to the web server's compiled-in upload.htm file and use the browse button to select a file from our local hard drive, but when we hit "Submit", we get an error about it not being able to find "goform/upldForm". 

We haven't been able to find an example of "goform/upldForm" that would show how to receive and store the uploaded file.  We also don't know what the best way to load it into GoAhead on startup.  Can multiple files be compiled in the same way upload.htm is?  Should we manually add it to RTEMS in-memory file system?  Better yet, does anyone have file uploading working under RTEMS?

Thanks for any suggestions, 


P.S.  Is there some documentation for GoAhead that I should be reading?         

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