RTEMS for VxWorks users - Series of dumb questions

1001 ek1000ek at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 30 15:57:26 UTC 2004


I am a vxWorks developer and hope to use RTEMS when
ever possible. Hope I get some help. If someone has
already posted answer to such questions, please send
me the links.

My hope is to get it running on Morotola's MVME 2300
or MVME 2400 boards.

I am working on a RHLinux/x86 machine. I installed
following rpms. 


Then I downloaded rtems-4.6.1.tar.bz2 and untarred it.
Let us call it 'don't touch area'. 

I then created a new dir (let us call it 'work area')
and from there called configure which was in 'don't
touch area'. In the 'work area' I called make. After
few hours the make was done.

Q1 What is analogous to a vxWorks BSP in RTEMS and
where is big tree is it? In 'don't touch area' or in
'work area'?

Q2 What is analagous to 'vxWorks' kernel image in
RTEMS? And where in 'work area' will I find it?

Q3 What is analagous to 'boot.bin' flash rom boot
image in RTEMS, if any? And where in 'work area' will
I find it?

Q4 Does RTEMS have two images (flashable and
downoadable kernel) format?

Q5 How do I load a kernel into memory if there is no
analogous to 'boot.bin'


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