tcp/ip trouble

Eugene Denisov dea at
Wed Jun 30 16:22:29 UTC 2004

Hello Stan,

You  can  see the irrefragable answer of Sergey Organov on my question
that seems to be similar to yours.

See mailing lists, answer was from feb,13,2004.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004, 10:05:26 PM, you wrote:

S> Hi,

S> I'm writing network device driver ( DM9000 ethernet controller ).
S> It works nearly all :-(

S> For example :
S> ( SERVER is a program , MBX is my RTEMS box) 

MBX send -->> SERVER 
S> MBX receive <-- SERVER 
MBX send -->> SERVER 
S> MBX receive <-- SERVER 
S> etc.
S> This it working properly.

S> But :

MBX send -->> SERVER 
MBX send -->> SERVER 
MBX send -->> SERVER 
S> etc.

S> After some datas to send, never datas are transmit and the message
S> 'Still waiting for mbuf cluster.' appears.

S> It seems a succession of write over tcp/ip to fail.
S> While a succession of read/write working properly.

S> Obviously, these examples working properly if I use ppp over tty.

S> An idea ?
S> Thanks a lot.

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