Connecting to FTPD with a Web Browser

Steve Strobel steve at
Thu Jun 3 16:20:14 UTC 2004

At 12:21 AM 6/2/2004 -0700, Fernando RUIZ CASAS wrote:
>On Sat, 29 May 2004 08:24:33 -0500, Charles Steaderman wrote:
>> Quoting Steve Strobel <steve at>: 
> > Ideally, what I would like to do is use the GoAhead web server to provide a
> > page that the user could connect to with his web browser.  That page would
> > have a link to get the latest firmware from our web site (so he could
> > download it to his PC), then another button that would let him transfer that
> > file to our unit using FTPD.
> > 
> > Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
> > 
> > Steve

>> I use the syntax:
>> ftp://username@
>> InternetExplorer will then prompt you for a password.
>You have also a menu item posibility to 'login as' only if a ftp session is open
>in Windows Internet explorer.
>With this a cut & paste ftp session is opened without additional client software.
>I use this to let up/download.
>I don't know if rtems FTPD lets it but it seems that it hasn't reason.

Thanks, Charles, for the syntax for a link that includes a username.  Also to Fernando for the cut-and-paste tip using Windows Explorer.  I think we are on the right track, but I have a few remaining problems:

#1:  While I can log on to the ftp server for our company's web page with the ftp://username@ syntax, I can't seem to do the same to our embedded system running RTEMS.  I _can_ log on to it with a command-line ftp client using any username (or a blank user name).  I don't know what is different about the embedded FTP server that keeps it from working.

#2:  I can use Internet Explorer to paste files (causing an FTP upload), but I can't figure out how to copy files to the clipboard using it.  I have to copy them to the clipboard using Windows Explorer before using IE to paste them.  It seems like I should be able to follow one of those FTP links, right-click on a file and select copy, then navigate to a different directory and paste it.  Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for your help,

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