Connecting to FTPD with a Web Browser

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Thu Jun 3 22:00:27 UTC 2004

Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately, I still can't get IE to connect with the RTEMS version of FTPD using a URL like ftp://anonymous:password@  I am afraid that we will end up building a specialized exe to do it, as you suggested.  The other thing we are doing is trying to get the upload feature in the GoAhead web server working.  That doesn't seem to be trivial either.  It sure would be easier if our customers liked to use FTP from the command line :)


At 02:48 PM 6/3/2004 -0400, Paul Evans wrote:

>Sounds like you might try ftp://user:pass@host with IE.
>I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out what the
>ftp client in IE is up to. I'd suggest building a PC app
>with tclkit or something like it (a single exe) that includes
>the firmware image and the ftp method to get it there.
>That way users only have to download and click it.
>A lot of people I know have had troubles with IE ftp.
>    -Paul
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>> At 12:21 AM 6/2/2004 -0700, Fernando RUIZ CASAS wrote:
>> >On Sat, 29 May 2004 08:24:33 -0500, Charles Steaderman wrote:
>> >> Quoting Steve Strobel <steve at>:
>> > > Ideally, what I would like to do is use the GoAhead web server to
>provide a
>> > > page that the user could connect to with his web browser.  That page
>> > > have a link to get the latest firmware from our web site (so he could
>> > > download it to his PC), then another button that would let him
>transfer that
>> > > file to our unit using FTPD.
>> > >
>> > > Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
>> > >
>> > > Steve
>> >> I use the syntax:
>> >> ftp://username@
>> >> InternetExplorer will then prompt you for a password.
>> >
>> >You have also a menu item posibility to 'login as' only if a ftp session
>is open
>> >in Windows Internet explorer.
>> >With this a cut & paste ftp session is opened without additional client
>> >I use this to let up/download.
>> >I don't know if rtems FTPD lets it but it seems that it hasn't reason.
>> >
>> Thanks, Charles, for the syntax for a link that includes a username.  Also
>to Fernando for the cut-and-paste tip using Windows Explorer.  I think we
>are on the right track, but I have a few remaining problems:
>> #1:  While I can log on to the ftp server for our company's web page with
>the ftp://username@ syntax, I can't seem to do the same to our
>embedded system running RTEMS.  I _can_ log on to it with a command-line ftp
>client using any username (or a blank user name).  I don't know what is
>different about the embedded FTP server that keeps it from working.
>> #2:  I can use Internet Explorer to paste files (causing an FTP upload),
>but I can't figure out how to copy files to the clipboard using it.  I have
>to copy them to the clipboard using Windows Explorer before using IE to
>paste them.  It seems like I should be able to follow one of those FTP
>links, right-click on a file and select copy, then navigate to a different
>directory and paste it.  Am I missing something obvious?
>> Thanks for your help,
>> Steve

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