Rebuilding RTEMS problem.

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Sat Jun 5 14:46:30 UTC 2004

Chris Caudle wrote:
>>I'am not familiar with windows/cygwin, but I guess that this can be 
>>found in the control panel/ syetem/ advanced/ environment variables
> That just sets the Windows environment variables, Cygwin can import some of those environment variables, but some are set separately.
> I found this user's guide for Cygwin:
> Here is a specific section on setting environment variables:
> Some variables may also be set in the files .profile or .bashrc, they need to be checked to make sure.

At a Cygwin prompt, you can do this:

env | grep VARIABLE

and find out if something like CC or LIB is set.

I recall that at one time Ralf posted a script which checked for
bad things in the environment.  Maybe it needs to be included
in the RTEMS source distribution so we can point people to it.

> -- Chris Caudle

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