RTEMS vs Linux : Performance analysis : Comments and Suggestions Please

sashti srinivasan svasn_rtems at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 09:47:53 UTC 2004

Hello All,

       Because of the full fledged support from the
list, I am now able to measure time accurately with 1
microsecond accuracy on PC386.  I have got some
figures of merit, based on this I want to improve the
performance of rtems.  Here are the results for
discussion.  This is a comparison between linux and
rtems on pc386 platform.  POSIX api is used for the
measurement and to the best possible extent same code
has been used in both.  Please suggest some way of
improving the performance of rtems in these aspects.

(All Times are in microseconds : Average of some large
number of operations)

                              Linux   RTEMS
       Time To Lock a Mutex =  0.12   0.30
     Time To Unlock a Mutex =  0.12   0.28
     Initialize a Semaphore =  0.31   0.99
        Destroy a Semaphore =  0.10   1.46
             Semaphore Wait =  0.20   0.24
             Semaphore Post =  0.19   0.31
      Thread Switching Time =  9.85   1.81

    Please suggest some ideas regarding improvement of
mutex and semaphore performance of rtems.

With Regards

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