DOSFS problems

Adriano Verardo a.verardo at
Tue Mar 9 17:22:50 UTC 2004

Victor V. Vengerov wrote:

> Adriano,
> As I remember, partition table is located at the end of first block.
> Fragment you show looks like Intel boot loader code. 

The fragment shoul be:
0x000-0x002  Jump instruction
0x003-0x00A  8 bytes OEM String ("MSDOS 5.0", for example)
0x00B-0x00C Bios Parameters Block - BytesPerSector
                     Usually 00 20 = 512 and not 07 50 = 20.487
0x00D-...       Other BPB, Boot code etc etc.
0x01BE...       Partition table
0x1FE            Signature (55 AA)

DOSF requires a correct (512/1024/2048) value at 0x00B/C, so breaks before
trying to access the other data ...


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