DOSFS problems solved

Adriano Verardo a.verardo at
Thu Mar 11 04:24:54 UTC 2004

Hi, All

DOSFS is now running, thanks to your suggestions.
The problem was a couple (2 !!) of defective disks and my limited knowledge
about the layout of PC disks. I've quickly grabbed some info from Internet,
just to understand the DOSFS code, without reading the whole story.
Really, the data given by the disks was very deceptive and the behaviour
of the sw absolutely inexplicable. Neverthless, an expert would have
understood the real problem on the fly.

Listing the file in the root dir of a disk, I see an empty file
with the name equal to the disk label. Is it normal ?

For the pc386 BSP, to access the IDE @ 0x170 is it sufficient to add an 
into the IDE_Controller_Table[] in c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/pc386/idecfg.c ?


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