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Steve Holle sholle at link-comm.com
Fri May 28 20:15:37 UTC 2004

We are running RTEMS 4.6.0pre5.  We are enabling networking, ftpd and web 
server with the following parameters :

Initializing the RTEMS network driver...
   MAC address is 00:03:F4:C0:18:03
   IP address is
   MAC address decoded as:  00:03:F4:C0:18:03

*** ConfigNetwork ENTER ***

   MAC            : 00:03:f4:c0:18:03
   IP             :
   Mask           :
   Host Name      : tcb2
   Domain Name    : nodomain.com
   Log Host       :
   Name Server[0] :
   Name Server[1] : NULL
   Name Server[2] : NULL
   NTP Server[0]  :
   NTP Server[1]  : NULL
   NTP Server[2]  : NULL

When we disconnect the network cable, after a couple of minutes we get the 
following errors :
         RTEMS: Unable to initialize Web Server!!
         RTEMS: fatal error, exiting.

At that point the system halts.  Is there a way to intercept the Web server 
error and not halt RTEMS?  We are never sure if the customer is going to 
disconnect his network cable or not.


Steve Holle
Link Communications, Inc.
1035 Cerise Rd.
Billings, MT  59101
sholle at link-comm.com  

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