IP address woes

geneSmith gene.smith at sea.siemens.com
Wed May 19 14:01:27 UTC 2004

Angelo Fraietta wrote, On 5/18/2004 4:49 PM:

> I changed the chips on my device, and the error stayed with the chip - 
> i.e. the Mac worked with one and not the other. Then all of a sudden, it 
> swapped about the one that did not work worked, and vice versa. I know I 
> did not make a mistake on this part because I gave the response a unique 
> name that was configured in the the device as a text file.

Don't quite understand the above! chip(s) = ethernet controller? Processor?

> Any idea's of what to look for?

I would recommend using tcpdump (or windump on windows) to look at the 
network traffic between your mac and rtems device. tcpdump may already 
be on your mac.



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