BSPs for Potential Deprecation

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Thu Oct 28 13:16:14 UTC 2004

RTEMS has been around a long time now with some BSPs having roots
that go back nearly 15 years. Boards and CPUs come and go and
periodically, we have to do some house cleaning.  Old unused BSPs
which no one has hardware for any longer are a useless maintenance
burden on the RTEMS Project.  In that light, I am considering
killing a number of BSPs in the development tree.  If you
want to have a BSP removed from this list, speak up.

   + arm/arm_bare_bsp -- template before any other ARM BSP was available
                         I think it has outlived its usefulness
   + m68k/dmv152 -- I did this BSP and haven't see a board in years.
   + m68k/gen68340 -- CPU is out of production AFAIK
   + mips/p4000 -- VERY old BSP... it would be better to have a BSP
         for some similar MIPS board that is really available
   + powerpc/dmv177 -- old, needs to be converted to new exception model
   + powerpc/ppcn_60x -- same as dmv177

If you are using one of the above, speak up.  Every BSP really needs
someone that can confirm the BSP is in use and OK.

Did I miss any you think need to be killed?

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