Slave Mode on the MC68360

jennifer at jennifer at
Mon Oct 4 20:41:28 UTC 2004

Hi Thomas,

It's used on a Radsone EP1A which has a Power PC MPC8245 with a QSPANII to 
provide the interface between the PCI bus and the 68360.  I pulled the
68360 console code over a few months ago, but am just getting around to 
looking at it again.  At the current time my processor is locking up
somewhere in the serial initialization, but I suspect that is a memory
map issue (my map has changed several times in the past few months).  
I just wanted to probe the list to see if anyone else  had used slave mode, to 
see if there were any hidden obstacles.


Quoting Thomas Doerfler <Thomas.Doerfler at>:

> Hi Jennifer,
> I used the gen360 BSP on a 68040/68360 combination, 
> and it works fine. What configuration do you 
> actually have? What problems do you see?
> wkr,
> Thomas Doerfler.
> > Has anyone utilized the serial ports on a mc68360 running in
> > slave mode?  I am using the gen68360 bsp console driver as 
> > a basis for doing this and wondered if anyone out there had already 
> > went through the process.
> > 
> > 
> > Thanks
> > Jennifer
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