Putting debug info in rtems files

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at imd-systems.de
Mon Oct 11 05:24:30 UTC 2004


when RTEMS libraries get built, nested makefiles are 
executed that "walk" through the build directory 
structure. Therefore, each file is compiled from a 
certain point in the build directory structure that 
lies in paralllel to the source directory structure. 

- You have more or less of these "dots" depending on 
how deep the corresponding directory is inside the 
build tree. Just an idea: You might come around 
this, if you call the initial "configure" not in a 
relative way (e.g. "../rtems-4.6.0/configure", but 
in an absolute way, e.g. 

- There is no common location, from which the source 
file pointers in the debug info is correct for all 
object files.


> Kamen Penev wrote, On 10/08/2004 08:47 PM:
> > My intuition is this is a linker problem. Check your linker script and 
> > the invocation of the linker. Make sure you are not throwing away the 
> > stabs sections.
> > 
> > Kamen
> > 
> My linkcmds file (based on helas403) does call out the stab sections (as 
> well as dwarfs).
> I noticed that when I run gdb (via insight) I can actually see my source 
> if I set my gdb source "directory" path just right. This seems to be 
> because there are a lot of "../" constructs in the hello.exe file. For 
> example I see things like this where source files appear in the binary:
> ../../../../../../rtems-4.6.1/cpukit/libcsupport/src/malloc.c
> ../../../../../rtems-4.6.1/c/src/optman/rtems/no-dpmem.c
> ../../../../../../../../../rtems-4.6.1/c/src/lib/libcpu/powerpc/ppc403/console/console405.c
> I see the same things when files are entered when running gdb.
> The number of ../'s seem to depend on something since they vary with 
> file but not sure what. Any idea what controls this? (I have to set my 
> "directory" possibly 9, 5, 6 levels beyond the "rtems-4.6.1" to see my 
> source in gdb.)
> If the ../'s weren't there, I could set my gdb directory to right before 
> the "rtems-4.6.1" and gdb would append to that the correct file path. 
> Anyone know what is going on here and if it is possible to get rid of 
> the ../'s?
> -gene

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