Memory leak after C++ exception

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Fri Oct 15 14:54:36 UTC 2004

Valery Pykhtin wrote:
> My version is 4.6.0pre5. Ok I understand, will download new RTEMS on 
> monday.

You can login to GNATS as guest/guest and just grab that one patch
if you like.

> Thank you very much,

At this point, I am just glad it was a known problem that I
recognized. :)

It is interesting that code runs for years and then you
improve it and break it.  This failure is a side-effect of
modifications to RTEMS memory allocation critical section
management to improve context switch latency.


> Valery
>> What RTEMS version is this?  This looks very much like this PR
>> 2003-11-26      Joel Sherrill <joel at>
>>         PR 523/filesystem
>>         * src/malloc.c: Make malloc family safer for use from ISRs and
>>         dispatching critical sections. If in a critical section while
>>         doing a free(), then the free is deferred until the next
>>         malloc() attempt.
>> From what I can tell, it would have been fixed in 4.6.0 but not
>> pre5.
>> --joel

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