Is the Mips interrupt code flawed?

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Wed Oct 20 11:15:30 UTC 2004

Bruce Robinson wrote:
> To Mips-rtems users,
> I found a knowledge base article on the PMC-Sierra's web site that describes
> using a MIPS system call as the proper way to "atomically" disable
> interrupts. The system call will cause the EXL flag to be set in the status
> register, holding off interrupts while the IE bit is cleared. From my study
> of the MIPS code, it appears that RTEMS disables interrupts by reading the
> status register, adjusting the IP, EXL and IE flags, and then writing the
> value back to the status register. Isn't it possible that an interceding
> interrupt/context switch could result in the status register contents to be
> incorrectly updated?
> Am I missing something?

I don't know for sure since this is so MIPS specific.  The SPARC has to
have a disable/enable system call so this is certainly possible.

 From an atomicity viewpoint, the critical section for _ISR_Disable
does not start until after the SR is written.  As long the ISR code
preserves that register, it is OK.  Consider this sequence:

  + T1 -- read SR
    + ISR -
    + ISR - switch to T2
    + return to T1 via tail of _ISR_Dispatch
  ?? Is the SR maintained
  + T1 twiddles bits in SR
  + T1 saves SR
   --> critical section begins here

So logically it is not necessarily an error if the ISR and ISR
preemption logic completely preserves the SR.


> Any feedback would be appreciated!
> Best Regards,
> Bruce Robinson

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