Is powerpc/eth_comm a potential deprecation candidate?

Jay Monkman jtm-list-rtems at
Thu Oct 28 21:40:44 UTC 2004

On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 04:12:56PM -0500, Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:
> I have been asked privately if the powerpc/eth_comm BSP
> should be considered for deprecation.

Probably. I'm trying to find out if it ever made it into
production. Since there are other mpc8xx BSPs, the eth_comm one isn't
very important, especially if none of them exist.

While we are killing BSPs, how about arm/vegaplus and
arm/arm_bare_bsp? If I remember correctly, the vegaplus never ran - it
was just a dump of a work in progress in case someone ever wanted an

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