Bugs and question!

willisfield willisfield at 163.com
Fri Sep 10 02:21:27 UTC 2004

    We have found two bugs in RTEMS:
>In the function of _Objects_MP_Global_name_search(Objectmp.c) the value of variable name_to_use can not be given by accessing the memory whose address is name.
>In the function of _MPCI_Handler_initialization(Mpci.c) the value of maximum_count of attributes is not be initialized, or else if we have continuous interrupts among nodes occured before _ISR_Disable in the thread of _MPCI_Receive_server the process function of interrupt will be called when next interrupts coming. We do this in the sis modified to support erc32's multiprocessors. We think the value of maximum_count can be initialized as 1, how do you think so?
    At the same time, we have one question to ask:
>In the real hardware environment, the interrupts among nodes will be lost that will be fatal. How do we handle this?
Any advice is appreciated.
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